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Cyber Essentials' Five Business Benefits: Day Five

  • Posted By Bergerode Consulting
  • On 6 November 2020

On the final day of our series looking at the five tangible business benefits of Cyber Essentials, we now look at the fifth business benefit.

Protect Your Business Secrets

In our previous blog post, we mentioned that small and medium businesses are a favourite target of cyber criminals and that cyber attacks often leave businesses in a precarious financial position.

There is also another, sometimes less obvious aspect to such attacks. Many organisations are not just targeted to steal money from, but they are also targeted for their Intellectual Property and other business secrets, such as confidential contract clauses, bids for tender, and anything else that an organisation needs to thrive and survive in today's market place.

Whilst you may not think that your organisation is not a target for such attacks, your organisation might be working as a supplier or a contractor to a bigger organisation or be working on a prestigious project that cyber criminals may want to gain access to and they might seek to use your organisation and the confidential Information it holds as a stepping stone to to this bigger target.

By undertaking Cyber Essentials, you will not only protect your organisation against cyber criminals looking to steal money, but also against cyber criminals looking to undermine its existence by stealing its business secrets.

As we mentioned on day one, Cyber Essentials delivers a competitive advantage to those organisations which hold it,