Cyber Health Check

Why you should have a Cyber Health Check

Organisations today are reliant on IT to deliver services to their customers. However, managing IT increases in complexity every year and this complexity actually increase the risks facing an organisation.

A Cyber Health Check by Bergerode Consulting is the way to manage this complexity

What does a Cyber Health Check involve?

A Cyber Health Check assesses and evaluates any or all of the following areas:

Your computing devices - desktops, laptops, servers, mobile phones, tablets
Your networking devices - routers, firewalls, switches
Your software - the software installed on devices but also cloud based services
Your patch management strategy - keeping software up-to-date and patched
Your IT policies, standards, and procedures - how IT is managed with your organisation

The actual Cyber Health Check can involve any or all of these aspects, plus any other that your organisation deems relevant - the Cyber Health Check is tailored to fit your organisation's needs.

The Cyber Health Check can be an annual event (like an MOT), or it can be an ongoing process so that you have continuous oversight.

How Bergerode Consulting can help

Bergerode Consulting are experienced IT and Information Security auditors.

We are ISO 27001 Lead Auditors, ISO 9001 Lead Auditors and a BSI Associate Consultant
BSI Associate Consultant


The price for a Cyber Health Check is dependent on the size and complexity of your organisation, and the number of features chosen, and we are confident that we can offer a competitive price, so get in touch today.