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Cyber Essentials' Five Business Benefits: Day Four

  • Posted By Bergerode Consulting
  • On 5 November 2020

Continuing our series on the five tangible business benefits of Cyber Essentials, we now look at the fourth business benefit.

Free Cyber Insurance

Small and medium sized businesses are a prime target for cyber crinimals and are frequently hacked, often losing lost thousands of pounds, but also finding themselves in a precarious financial position because the money lost can mean the difference between the business collapsing or remaining viable.

Cyber Essentials comes with free Cyber Indemnity Insurance worth £25,000, and is available to any UK resident organisation. A core component of risk mitigation strategy is the ability off-set risk by taking out insurance, and Cyber Indemnity insurance is rapidly evolving to address cyber security risks, so having the ability to acquire free Cyber Indemnity Insurance is surely a benefit worth having for any organisation.