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Cyber Essentials' Five Business Benefits: Day Three

  • Posted By Bergerode Consulting
  • On 4 November 2020

Continuing our series on the five tangible business benefits of Cyber Essentials, we now look at the third business benefit.

More Contracts

Cyber Essentials is mandatory for contracts with the NHS, UK Government, and the Ministry of Defence, so by having Cyber Essentials you immediately put your organisation in a favourable position to take advantange of a wider range of opportunities.

In addition, Cyber Essentials is becoming increasingly popular with the private sector. For example, many large scale companies in the UK defence sector as a matter of course now require their contractors and subcontractors to hold Cyber Essentials and often Cyber Essentials Plus. Many companies, particularly those in finance and insurance are increasingly expecting their suppliers to hold Cyber Essentials also.

As with ISO9001 (Quality Management) and ISO27001 (Information Security), Cyber Essentials is becoming a de facto standard that companies look for when choosing suppliers, so holding Cyber Essentials will help your organisation satisfy due diligence checks when bidding for contracts and tenders.

In other words, as we pointed out on day one, Cyber Essentials delivers a competitive advantage.