Maritime Cyber Baseline

What is the Maritime Cyber Baseline?

The Maritime Cyber Baseline scheme is a means by which shipping operators and vessel owners can improve their cyber security to reduce the likelihood of a cyber-attack disrupting their day-to-day operations.

The Maritime Cyber Baseline is supported by the Royal Institution of Naval Architects and enables a path to compliance with the International Maritime Ogranisation's (IMO) Maritime Cyber Risk Management guidelines. The scheme is open to vessels of all sizes and classifications, including yachts, commercial, passenger ships and merchant vessels.

Why you should get the Maritime Cyber Baseline

The Maritime Cyber Baseline provides assurance to supply chain partners, passengers, flag and port authorities that your vessel has the suitable cyber security controls and processes in place.

It allows you to demonstrate commitment to best-practice security for sea faring vessels as you take steps to align with the IMO's Maritime Cyber Risk Management guidelines.

It allows you to demonstrate compliance through a Maritime Cyber Baseline digital certificate that can be displayed on your vessel and business communications.

The Maritime Cyber Baseline comes in two versions - Verified Self-Assessment and Audited.

What does the Maritime Cyber Baseline Verified Self-Assessment involve?

The Maritime Cyber Baseline Verified Self-Assessment involves an online completion of a questionnaire relating to the following 11 areas:

Onboard Technologies – what technologies are in use, e.g. computers as well as onboard systems?
Onboard Networking – does you manage firewalls, switches, routers to manage internet and WIFI conectivity?
Access Management – are devices secured with accounts, passwords and Two Factor Authentication?
Device Management – are devices secured with accounts and passwords?
Malware Protection – are devices are kept secure from viruses and ransomware?
Patch Management – are devices and software are kept up-to-date with the latest security patches?
Risk Management – are risk assessments carriedout against the vessel and its systems?
Change Management – are changes managed to ensure that only approved changes are made?
Training – does the crew receive appropriate cyber security training?
Incident Resonse – is there a plan to respond to any cyber security incidents?

All vessels under 500 Gross Registered Tonnage (GRT) only have to complete the Verified Self-Assessment assessment, though they can also complete Audited assessment as well.

What does the Maritime Cyber Baseline Audited involve?

The Maritime Cyber Baseline Audited involves onboard review of systems and processes to verify the answers provided in the Verified Self-Assessment. All vessels over 500 GRT must complete the Audited assessment.

How Bergerode Consulting can help

Bergerode Consulting is the leading certification body in North West England and we can help your organisation through the entire process of meeting Maritime Cyber Baseline Verified Self-Assessment and Audited.
Maritime Cyber Baseline

We have extensive experience in helping organisations of all sizes and business areas with cyber security certification so you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.


The price for the Maritime Cyber Baseline is dependent upon the size of your vessels:

£750 ex.VAT for vessels under 500 GRT under the verified self-assessment certification.

£1950 ex.VAT for vessels over 500 GRT since they must complete both the verified self-assessment and the audited certification.

These prices include 1 hour of consultancy and help. Should you require more assistance then this can be provided at a competitive price.