Bergerode Consulting is a Cyber Essentials Plus Certification Body and can help your organisation through the Cyber Essentials Plus programme.


Cyber Essentials Plus involves undergoing the Cyber Essentials assessment but also involves a technical audit of your company’s infrastructure to provide demonstrable assurance that your cyber security controls can protect against the cyber threats out there.

This technical audit examines a representative sample of the following:

  • desktop and laptop computers
  • servers with services accessible with unauthenticated access across the internet
  • mobile phones and tablets
  • internet gateways (i.e. routers)


How does an organisation acquire Cyber Essentials Plus?

If your organisation already has Cyber Essentials, then it can apply to undergo the Cyber Essentials Plus audit within three months of passing Cyber Essentials.

Or your organisation does not have Cyber Essentials, it can apply for Cyber Essentials Plus certification.