Bergerode Consulting is the premier IASME Cyber Essentials Plus certifying body in NW England and can help your organisation through the Cyber Essentials Plus programme.


What is Cyber Essentials Plus?

Cyber Essentials Plus involves the Cyber Essentials assessment but also involves a technical audit of your organisation’s infrastructure to provide demonstrable assurance that it is protected against cyber threats.

This technical audit examines the following devices:

  • desktop and laptop computers
  • servers
  • mobile phones and tablets
  • internet gateways (i.e. routers)


The technical audit also examines the following:

  • the anti-virus software used within your organisation
  • the ability of the email system within your organisation to detect and stop viruses
  • the ability of the web browsers installed on your devices to detect and stop viruses


How does an organisation acquire Cyber Essentials Plus?

Your organisation can apply for Cyber Essentials Plus at any time. If your organisation already has Cyber Essentials, it undergo Cyber Essentials Plus within three months of passing Cyber Essentials without having to re-certify to Cyber Essentials.

If your organisation not have Cyber Essentials, or acquired Cyber Essentials longer than three months previously, it can apply for Cyber Essentials Plus certification but it will have to go through the Cyber Essentials process.


How much does Cyber Essentials Plus cost?

The price is dependent upon the size of your organisation, and the price of Cyber Essentials will be included in the price of Cyber Essentials. Bergerode Consulting promises to provide your organisation with a competitive price.