Cyber Essentials is the UK Government’s scheme, overseen by the National Cyber Security Centre, to help organisations secure themselves against the ever increasing number of cyber threats out there.

Bergerode Consulting is a Cyber Essentials Certification Body and can help your organisation through the Cyber Essentials programme.


Why Should You Get Cyber Essentials?

  1. Cyber Essentials provides assurance that your organisation is compliant with basic cyber security controls (below) which protect it against common cyber attacks.
  2. Cyber Essentials is a business differentiator showing your organisation takes cyber security seriously thus putting it at a competitive advantage over business rivals.
  3. Cyber Essentials is mandatory for Ministry of Defence contracts and is becoming increasingly popular in the private sector. Like ISO9001 (Quality Management) and ISO27001 (Information Security), Cyber Essentials is a standard that organisations look for when carrying out due diligence checks on prospective suppliers.


Cyber Essentials consists of five areas:

  • SECURE NETWORKINGensuring that your access to the Internet and the inner network is secure so that hackers are kept out
  • SECURE CONFIGURATIONensuring that your company devices and software are configured so that they cannot be accessed by hackers
  • ACCESS CONTROLkeeping your company data and services safe from hackers
  • MALWARE PROTECTIONkeeping your company and its devices from viruses
  • PATCH MANAGEMENTkeeping your company’s devices and software up to date